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Our Vendors


Meet Kali Forstbauer of Organic Leaf Drop!

a local family-run farm that has been producing  delicious fresh vegetables with the help of our wonderful bees. We strive to make the most of everything the great outdoors has to offer. Our products are fresh from the field, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality produce.

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Meet Kevin Cherry of Curious Kestrel Croft!

I’m a new farmer fascinated by the growing process and all of the relationships the natural world holds. The incredible bounty that the earth provides is beyond comprehension – all of these flowers, fruits and vegetables started out as tiny seeds, stuck in brown dirt that is home to many creepy crawlies!

My plan is simple – grow as much as I can as naturally as I can. This is a lot of work, but I love being outside where I can observe nature while I work. All of the beneficial insects that populate the soil and the plants help to keep the other insects in check so the plants have a fair chance – some chemicals also kill these helpful insects, so the best way is for me to avoid chemicals and befriend the friendly bugs!

Birds sing and call all over the farm, but I cannot hear them as well if I am using power tools, so I do as much as I can by hand. It is labour-intensive, but it is so much more peaceful! Keeping the birds away from the strawberries may be a challenge, but watching the flocks feast on sunflower heads left in the field is so rewarding!

All varieties are grown using organic methods, using organic plants and seeds where possible. As this is our first year in the certification program, our produce is considered “transitional”, even though all of the organic standards are met. Certified Organic status will be reached in 2022.

No pesticides, herbicides or other possibly harmful chemicals are ever used on our produce. The land I farm is in the small community of Yarrow in the southwest corner of Chilliwack.

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Meet the wonderful folks of Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm!

The Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm is a collective of small organically grown and certified organic farms that operate on shared land in Yarrow. We represent farmers of many ages, backgrounds, approaches, and share a passion for growing quality food for our community. This year, you can find produce from the following farms: Precious Soil Farm, Eden Matrix Farm, Moonbird Farm, Alpha Crops, Hummingbirds Croft, Stewart Creek Food Forest, and Full Hearth Farm.

Purchasing from us supports small local farms and organic practices that safeguard the fertility of the soil and ecosystems.

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Meet Kim Hunter, the grower behind Hunter’s Dale

Hunters’ Dale is proud to provide quality Gourmet Oyster Mushrooms and Microgreens year round to our local community of Chilliwack, Mission and the Fraser Valley. We aim to be an example of the best practices in small scale Regenerative Agriculture using Holistic Management principles.

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Meet the Students and Teachers of the Sardis Secondary Agriculture Program!

The Agriculture Program has been a part of Sardis Secondary School for over three decades. At this time the Agriculture teachers began growing flowering plants with the students and started the Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale. Thirty years later we are still growing amazing plants with a modernized approach to growing. In the last decade, the greenhouse program has expanded to include a vegetable crop. This is a program that focuses on place-based learning of material with the ability for students to gain practical experiences for the workplace while learning about some of BC GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In the last five years, the current Agriculture teachers have been working on expanding the program to a 5-acre farm, the Sardis Secondary School Farm (SSSF). At the farm, students grow over 30 different vegetables with many varieties of each, all of which are sold in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and to the school food programs. In 2016 the SSSF began the introduction of the School Community Gardens (SCG) – Plots of Learning; A Place to Grow. 

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Meet Paula and Brian Cranmer-Underhill of Spapium “Little Prairie” Farm.

a Nlaka’pamux farm, located across from the junction of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers in British Columbia’s magnificent Fraser Canyon, BC Canada.  The farm is a healing destination on the land, growing good food in a way that is gentle on the Earth using good farming methods and Earth-friendly modern technology for the sustainability of the land and water resources. We create abundance with a strong social outlook and Potlatch with each harvest to others who need good nutritious food to fuel a healthy life.

In 2017 we were farming on 3 one acre gardens of historically farmed land and include the existing acre Heritage Apple Orchard (with approximately 15 tree varieties of apples, pear, cherry, and plums).  We have since planted approximately 20+ new fruit trees.  We have nearby wild foods and medicines traditionally harvested by Nłeʔkepmx local to Lytton. There is water access from Nicheyeah Creek.  Products are sold freshly harvested directly to consumers at the Spapium Farm Gate Pop Up Store and on-farm Special Events, and also at Farmers Markets, produce will be value-added and sold directly to consumers. We have additional land available nearby on two parcels totaling 16.65 Acres on two separate benches, one adjoining with a walking trail around a rock outcrop and the other just above on the next higher bench of land.


Nothing wasted. 

I remember mom used to save the butter wrapper to grease her muffin tins. And bread bags for our winter boot liners. She was a little girl during the Great Depression. She delightfully, creatively, skillfully created bounty from very little. 

Today I needed to really prune the raspberries. I’ve been putting it off and off. I struggle to pull out perfectly healthy plants to make more room other healthy plants. So, I take muuuuuuch longer, and pot up all I can save, and for the 1st time today our makeshift garlic-drying shed got another new purpose–as a raspberry leaf tea drying area. Lots of rain in the forecast, so humidity isn’t on my side. It’ll be a good experiment. At least they’ll be out of the rain and if needed, I can bring it in in batches and dehydrate.

If so, I’ll have a new offering for market, a lovely medicinal herbal tea, especially good for women, and made from wanting every bit of this wonderful plant cherished and nothing wasted.

Meet Nicole Acker and her Family from Wild Root Farms

We are a family living in Chilliwack near Yarrow BC. Healthy fresh food is very important to us – and the fresher the produce, the more nutritious it is! Our farm is run by me, a female farmer!  I work full time at this with our five children and my husband’s support.  We use a non-mechanized approach to farming; all of our farm work is done by hand when possible.  

We use our own home-made plant and compost-based fertilizers. That means no chemicals and no pesticides. Our produce is all grown from untreated, non-GMO organic seeds. This is very important for our soil, water, and health!

Because we do not use tractors and focus on hand tools, our fossil fuel input is very low! We believe in taking care of our soil, growing as many flowers as we can that are safe for pollinators, and treating our farm animals with love and respect. 

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 Meet Dean from Ducks in a Row Homestead – where homegrown is not just a slogan but a reality. We are the Kardux family based in Rosedale BC, Canada! We have three beautiful little girls and we all share a mutual love for animals. Currently we have on average 30 cows/calves at a time as well as some laying hens. All of our cows are grass fed, grain finished for optimal flavour and quality.


All our cuts are from our farm located in the Fraser Valley. We pride ourselves on the highest of quality in growing, serving and preparing our meat. If you are looking for the best beef products to provide to your family, then look no further! Quality cuts of beef to satisfy every appetite.



Meet Amy from Sprinkles with Love Bakery! 

Sprinkles with Love is a local Chilliwack bakery specializing in custom hand-decorated sugar cookies. High-quality fresh ingredients are the foundation of each cookie we make. Our mission is to put a smile on your face (and little ones’ too!) by offering cookies that not just look amazing, but also taste fantastic. We create unique themed cookies for birthdays, baby showers, graduation, weddings – just about any occasion!

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 My name is Natasha, and I currently bake out of a commercial kitchen at Yarrow Community Hall, BC since April 2018 and my pies are featured at “The Town Butcher” in Garrison Crossing, Chilliwack, “Close To Home Grocery” in Promontory and “Rosedale Grocery”.  I have one staff member, my mom, Vi, who is my “Pastry Specialist”. The two of us are the entire operation with the help from the community of Chilliwack. We offer many opportunities to people with all abilities.

The variety of delicious flavors I offer, are EVERYONE’S favorites.  I have loved the experience of experimenting with fruit to create a sweet, nostalgic experience.  I wanted to create the taste of CALM, WARM, and CONNECTED with everyone I baked for. After weighing my Pie one day, I discovered that my pies weigh over TWO POUNDS!!  My pies are wholesome, made with love and care and knowing that every pie will bring a family or group together.  

“Pie with Purpose” is my passion project.  Bringing families together around my pies and heart connected conversation inspires my life and fills me with joy.  Your “Pie with Purpose” will arrive complete with a delicious Pie, forks, knife, napkins, plates for 8. As well you will find “Sharing Cards”….each person gets to take a moment to share a piece of their heart, while you all share a Pie. 

Families have reported this to be a pivotal time in their family history, where they are awake to the VALUE of this family circle experience.  In the COMFORT of delicious wholesome food, CONNECTED to those they love in a CONVERSATION that heals. I have created this with my whole Heart, and I invite you to order yours today!

My Mission is to make the world a happier place one pie at a time!


Homemade artisan sourdough made with love from my home to your table. A Chilliwack local making artisan sourdough for the community of Chilliwack

Meet Mandy – the maker behind Veggie Mandy: 100% vegan baked goods! 

Come and find me at the Market to find dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, plant-based treats that are amazingly delicious!

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Prepared Food

Meet Kristy & Marty Van de Brink of Fairfield Island Fresh!

At Fairfield Island Fresh we understand that the food we grow needs to be in balance with our environment. We follow sustainable practices, use certified organic nutrients to amend the soil, and use no herbicides nor pesticides. We encourage native plants to grow in and around our garden beds to support local wildlife. We use drip irrigation systems to limit our water consumption, save seeds from our own harvests, and strive to provide a good environment to support the local insects and pollinators.

The ingredients in our hot sauces and salsas, where possible, come from our garden, raw honey from our own honey bees, and when occasionally necessary to include 3rd party ingredients, we opt for certified organic wherever possible, preferring to remain local to our community.

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Meet Vivien and Richard Kantor-Gonda of The European Flavour Factory

We are a local British Columbia business ready to spice up the day-to-day lives of hot sauce lovers and business owners everywhere! Owned and operated by a young Chilliwack couple, Vivien and Richard, European Flavour Factory expands on the sauce recipes produced by Richard’s parents in Europe with a special twist you can only find when you shop with us. We have flavours for everyone, and best of all, our hot sauces are non-vinegar based, vegan, and gluten-free — except for our BBQ sauce, which we simply couldn’t keep the gluten-y goodness out of if we tried.

We have a passion for gardening and cooking, with the determined spirit to create a hot, aromatic, spicy experience that no one has created before. The flavours incorporated in these best hot sauces will transport your taste buds to Hungary, Germany, Turkey, France, and the Caribbean, without you having to book a plane ticket. Give your mouth a vacation. Shop our homemade hot sauces, and spoil your taste buds with European Flavour Factory today!

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Spread some love with Albert’s Homemade Jams and Jellies! All are vegan and natural sugar so we include everyone! Fresh and tasty handguns jars are certain to add flavour to the lives of the people you love and a great celebration snack for coming back together after a long year of doing our best to make it through! Here EVERY WEEK!


Meet Jessica, the maker behind Dug and Mary Designs!

Dug and Mary Designs makes handmade one of a kind copper electroformed gemstone, resin and botanical pieces. They also create custom pieces including breastmilk and memorial and keepsake pieces. All of their pieces use genuine and hi quality components and are created with love and intention to last a lifetime!

We are a mother & Daughter duo here at Nude & Co. We are a local small business to Chilliwack B.C, making hand poured all Natural Beeswax Candles & Room Sprays. We use Canadian organic beeswax, sourced locally, organic coconut oil, only the purest fragrance & essential oils! We hand pour and handmade all of our products, they come in reusable tins, and are ethically sourced ingredients. We do it all ourselves out of our home studio! We love to lift people up with candles that are non toxic to children, pets, and our earth!


Hi there! I’m Jessica, the woman behind Fantasy Soapworks. I’m a mom, wife, and solopreneur creating beautiful soap and bath products inspired by works of fantasy. There’s nothing I love more than a hot bath with a good fantasy book! It’s my favorite way to escape reality. 

I fell in love with making bath products because of the perfect marriage between art and science. I love knowing what each oil’s properties are, why an emulsifier is a good idea in bath products, and the surprise swirl when cutting into a loaf of soap.

Keep a bar of the eye-catching Dragon’s Breath soap by the sink, forget about the day’s stress with a Mermaid bath bomb, or have a custom gift set created for someone you love!

All products are created by myself in small batches to ensure quality. Custom orders, wedding or party favors, wholesale, and consignment inquiries welcome!

Proud professional member of the Handcrafted Bath & Body Guild!

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 Meet Artist Lucas Simpson = Original Art with Original Style


Art that isn’t planned. Just trying to make a visual sense through capturing the creativity of the moment.

I’m here to bring a little more colour to this crazy COVID world right now. It’s not like I’m curious and not really clear as to what I’m here to do, I’m here to be an artist, I’m here to bring a little more colour to this crazy COVID world right now. I’m here to be taken seriously.

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Stephanie and Sean, we’re the makers behind Riveted By Design. Drawn to an aesthetic that echos nature and working primarily with leather, we see the potential for a unique piece in a hearty, rugged hide. With a drive to make, do, shape and create – we love working with our hands to bring new life to leather and to shape rough edges into a functional, stylish, enduring piece of work. Our leather journals and accessories are crafted in alignment with the Slow Made Movement, meaning they are made by hand, by us. We take the time to measure, cut, rivet and stitch with care and attention. 

We have a lot to offer! Bound journals are our original specialty but we’re always learning and expanding so we can meet the requests of our customers. In addition to the bound journals, we also have 2 styles of refillable journals, personal planners, and photo albums – available in a variety of colours and with our own unique style. As for accessories, we make the things that we like for ourselves: leather plant hangers, every-day-carry pouches, purses, jewelry and aprons. We can’t keep it all so we’re grateful to have found a way to keep doing what we love and share it with our community. 

We have a lot of inventory, so we will probably be rotating through to bring something new or different to each market. You can visit us in person to talk about custom projects as well!


Meet Sasha! The maker behind Jack and Audrey’s Soaps!


I’m a local Vancouver mom creating natural products that are inspired by the loves of my life, Jack and Audrey. I love making natural soap and felted art that will inspire adventure and creativity!

Meet Kimberly Francis, the maker behind Local Grain

From the age of 18 to 26, I did what so many canadian young people do – I went to have a look around the world. As a crew member aboard several sailing ships I often fell asleep to some of the most gorgeous back lit coastal views imaginable. Many days it was just us out there, at anchor, or in kayaks, or walking along ice floes. It captivated me to see my crew mates a long way off, in such a big surround, held, suspended in coastal landscape.

In my 30s, I completed bachelor of fine arts studies at emily carr institute of art and design. Those visual memories from years earlier came more sharply into focus, and found their way finally in to cedar form.

iIt is a careful choice in my process that nothing be added, that in fact the taking away of a little bit of material that reveals the composition, suspended within the grain of the cedar, as landscape.

I’m honoured that these pieces have resonated so strongly over the past ten years and am thankful for the strong support of you all.

Meet Carla – the maker behind Carla’s Jewels!

My passion for creating unique jewelry is something that I’ve had since I was young. I’m constantly inspired by our natural environment, drawing my design ideas from the mountains and valleys where I live in Chilliwack, BC, and beyond.


The jewelry I create is constantly evolving: I love to work with unusual colour and shape combinations, and these change with the seasons. I would say that Mother Nature is my muse, with all of my pieces balancing the elegant feminine with earth’s elements.

Impeccable high-quality craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail have helped me to build a successful business over the past 15 years. I teach jewelry design as an instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, as well as with local arts councils, community centers and schools. I also became a mom three years ago, and I love the freedom that working on my craft at home affords me. 

We are 3 sisters who hand-make Clay earrings. Our small business began a year ago and has been incredibly loved already! Our earrings are made out of Polymer Clay, and the hardware pieces are hypoallergenic stainless steel. Every piece is authentic and unique- made carefully and with love. New techniques, colours, and designs are always underway with us! We love supporting local shops and have learned the value and commitment it takes through running our own. 

Meet Christine from Bamboo and Roses Jewelry!


Quality handmade jewelry inspired by the beauty of the home where I live and the fabulous and exotic plants that surround it. Shoppers will find unique and beautiful handcrafted jewelry at my stall. I hope that you find something that you love in my store and will visit it often to see what is new.


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June 6 – August 29

Food Trucks

Meet Youssef and Amnieh of Shawarma Time Food Truck!

We moved to Canada from Syria early 2016 and love living here. We are very passionate about our food from home and want to share it with all of you. We bet you will love it!!

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Meet Stormy of Stormy’s Food Truck!

We’re a fun, healthy, plant-based food truck serving up smoothies, smoothie bowls and snacks! Come here to eat tasty food that’s good for you and the planet too :). Based in Chilliwack, BC. 

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Meet Master Chef James Moran of Guerilla Q Food Truck!

Owned and operated by BBQ Master Chef from Chilliwack, BC. Canada. Low and Slow Classic Southern Style BBQ for the Masses. The Fraser Valley’s Best Authentic Southern Style BBQ. 

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Meet Brooks of Hard Grinds Mobile Café – Coffee and Tea where you want it! Hard Grinds serves fresh coffee and other beverages! Featuring Chilliwack Coffee Roasters.

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