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Margaret was born and raised in Chilliwack and now lives here with her husband and three young children. As a kid, her parents would take her to the Farmers’ Market downtown at Central Park. She remembers the communal atmosphere, the joy of gathering, and most of all the delicious fresh produce. 

She is excited to be part of the team bringing that experience back to the downtown core and to bring a food security lens to this community-centered event. Margaret is a founding Board member of Chilliwack Citizens for Change and the Chilliwack Pride Society. She sits on the Poverty Reduction Task Team for Chilliwack Healthier Communities.

Jared’s passion for fresh local-grown food started age 5 at his grandmother’s, where he and his siblings tended their own gardens. As a result, eating whole foods and buying local is an integral piece of his family’s health and wellness. Jared is involved in food security initiatives and is excited to implement food security programs at the market that connect vulnerable families with fresh local foods. 

Jared serves as Chair of the Chilliwack Board of Education, is Co-Chair of Chilliwack Healthier Communities,  is a board member at Chilliwack Restorative Justice and DCCM. Jared also sits on the Chilliwack Food Council and is a Rotarian. He and his partner live in Chilliwack, where he was born and raised. He has five children and owns a small digital marketing firm.

Salina is the owner of PickEco Refills and has a deep love for our downtown core and all things waste reduction. She loves supporting local and wants to help make it easier for local people to have access to food that is grown right in our own community. 

Salina loves to reduce waste and help others create a more sustainable life that is within their abilities and means, a big part of this is eating food grown close to home. Salina is involved in many local cleanup initiatives and is excited to be a part of the Downtown Market.

Teri’s interest in farming started in childhood, when his mom turned their townhouse backyard into a greenhouse and garden, sustaining their family for years. Teri started with his own backyard gardens and eventually to a quarter-acre plot where he experimented with gardening techniques, while working on an organic farm and selling produce at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market. Through these experiences, Teri has learned about growing food, food security and food delivery. 

Teri is passionate about making change in our community and planet and also is involved with the Chilliwack Pride Society, Chilliwack Gender Care Committee and Chilliwack Citizens for Change, through which he hopes to help vocalize the perspectives LGBTQ2IA+ folks and low-income individuals in this city. 

Jessica is the maker behind @dugandmarydesigns. She can’t wait for you all to see what we have been working on and hopes to see you all at the market this summer!

As a former single parent, Lisa understands food insecurity first hand. That’s why she is passionate about helping to get healthy food to all Chilliwack families and not only those who can afford it themselves. Lisa believes strongly in food equity and the food security programs that underpin the Downtown Chilliwack Community Farmer’s Market. Lisa is also a Chilliwack Citizen’s for Change board member.

Kristy has been a vendor with her local company Fairfield Island Fresh at farmers’ markets for years and is excited to bring that expertise to the downtown market. She is keen to work with other vendors and community members to make the new market flourish.

Brittany is so excited to be helping connect the people of Chilliwack to locally grown and prepared food. Downtown Chilliwack has such a special place in her heart, having been her home for much of her life. She has many fond memories of attending the old downtown market, and looks forward to seeing the evolution of the new market, as an organizer and as a customer.

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